Full Fathom Five

by Progeny

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Our first work together as a team post "At the In Between" by Vincent Anastasi produced by Tate Music Group. Features fan favorite and title track, "Full Fathom Five" as well as our gig closer, "Trouble in the Nursery."


released September 29, 2012

Special thanks to the members of Treebeard Brown for their parts on "Full Fathom Five"



all rights reserved


Progeny Grove City, Pennsylvania

Blending the styles of folk, rock, and Americana, my music represents a poetic response to life, rich with literary influence and thoughtful reflection. As a passionate weaver of words, my music offers a commentary on our journey of life.

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Track Name: Full Fathom Five
At full fathom five I am barely alive
And these barnacles cling to my chest
Been tumbled and crushed by the currents that rush
With the weight of compounded regrets
Now I’m left for dead upon these yellow sands
I need your gentle hands to lift me up, come lift me up

Hear the ding dong bell, oceans surge and swell
What a tale they tell of their hidden prize
Now the chanticleer cries with call so clear
Foot it featly here and see with your eyes
The wreck of our lives

Washed up on the beach, I am far out of reach
A rag in the rags of my time
The wild waves have whist my lips with their kiss
Like so many dreams that have died
Now I’m left for dead upon these yellow sands
I need your gentle hands to lift me up, come lift me up


Now nothing that was could ever remain
But all doth suffer a sea change
Into something so rich and so strange


Now I’m left for dead
Track Name: Boundless Salvation
O boundless salvation! deep ocean of love,
O fullness of mercy, Christ brought from above,
The whole world redeeming, so rich and so free,
Now flowing for all men, come, roll over me!

My sins they are many, their stains are so deep,

And bitter the tears of remorse that I weep;

But useless is weeping; thou great crimson sea,

Thy waters can cleanse me, come, roll over me!

Come roll over me, come roll over me
With boundless salvation this captive to free
I’ll plunge neath the waters of soul cleansing streams
O, boundless salvation, come roll over me

Now tossed with temptation, then haunted with fears,

My life has been joyless and useless for years;

I feel something better most surely would be

If once thy pure waters would roll over me.


O ocean of mercy, oft longing I’ve stood

On the brink of thy wonderful, life giving flood!

Once more I have reached this soul cleansing sea,

I will not go back till it rolls over me.

Track Name: Trouble in the Nursery
You may have heard the story told of Mary’s little lamb
How it followed her to school one day and most everywhere she went
And many say with honored praise, its fleece was white as snow
But few can tell the tale I know or show what I will show

Little Bo Peep had lost her sheep and knew not where to look
For Jack be nimble, Jack be quick was a sneaky little crook
Yes, love they say, will make a way and Mary held Jack’s heart
So while Bo slept, in Jack crept and stole a lamb with art

There’s trouble in the meadow, there’s trouble on the hill
If you’ve come here for adventure then come and get your fill
The nursery now is reeling, the children feeling ill
For there’s trouble now a’brewin’ for every Jack and Jill

Round and round the mulberry bush, a monkey chased that fleecer
And a little dog laughed to see such sport as he made off past that sleeper
For Little Boy Blue was fast asleep under a haystack warm
And Little Miss Muffet ran off in fright, so no one raised alarm

Now Jack and Jill ran up the hill to fetch a pail of water
And saw Jack jump the Candlestick with a lamb led by a halter
Yes, Jack fell down and broke his crown – there was no other witness –
For Jill, you know, followed her beau and tumbled down in distress


Yes, Old King Cole was a merry old soul, and a merry old soul was he
So Jack never paid for this ruminant raid and now he’s running free
So ride a cock horse to Banbury Cross; call every old man to pray
For there’s trouble in the nursery now that Jack has got away